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Absolute Bible Ministries’ Courses will elevate your personal Bible study to transform you into a master teacher of scripture who produces professional and powerful study classes.

Learn to confidently contextualize, categorize, and decipher Biblical verses, idioms, and euphemisms to arrange clear, engaging, and relevant Bible study discussions and debates. This easy-to-follow, online Master Teacher Course is self-paced and designed to make scriptural study accessible to all.


Expert Debater

Learn the essential skills of becoming an expert debater. Become skilled at formulating top-quality valid arguments. Recognize logical fallacies. Students will develop the confidence to debate on a scholarly level.

Bible Study


Live/Recorded 4-6 week course taught by Brother Joshuah of Absolute Bible Truth Ministries.

What We’ll Cover Together

Bible Study
Scholarly Dissertation

Benefit from guidelines on how to structure and present the content of your Biblical scholarly dissertations.

Bible Study

Discover how to identify pseudo-scholarship and sources that are not the product of rigorous and objective study or research.

Bible Study
Contextualize Bible Verses

Develop your ability to critically study, evaluate, and interpret the meaning of Biblical literature and verses.

Bible Study
Categorize Biblical Writing

Learn to thematically classify and connect Biblical writing for greater depth of understanding.

Bible Study
Biblical vs Secular History

Apply Biblical history to secular history to understand and grapple with complex questions and dilemmas.

Bible Study
Apocalyptic Language

Discover how to review apocalyptic language in the Bible to reveal what is normally hidden.

Bible Study
Euphemisms & Etymology

Understand and break down various Biblical literary devices and word origins to excavate deeper meaning and message.

Bible Study
Research Methodology

Develop a stable research methodology for Biblical study with time-tested techniques from the facilitator’s personal experience.

Bible Study
The Art of Debate

Distinguish logical fallacies and define your claim by developing your skills in the art of debate.

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Absolute Bible Truth Ministries has been producing Biblical e-Books, documentaries, talk series, “Bible Reels,” and sabbath classes for many years.

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We present Biblical study in various ways to appeal to all learners; from debates to deep literary critique, there’s something here for you. 

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Of downloadable audio and visual content covering a range of topics from pop culture movies to current political and social agendas.

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